Guide for Stated Income Loans

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We understand that qualifying for a mortgage with a self-employed income can be more complicated than other applications. Generally, in an application with support documentation, you’re required to provide 1099s and other tax forms. In these cases, we can use additional information to help us calculate your income based on what we see in your financial statements. Simply upload those documents and we will contact you once we have reviewed them.

Stated Income Program Highlights: 

12 and 24 month Bank Statement options available

Up to 90% LTV (on Purchases & R/T Refinances)

Must have 2 years verifiable self employment income

No Tax Returns

What you would need for submission:

  1. 12-24 Months Bank Statements (business or personal)
  2. Copy of Business License (3 years)
  3. Provide CPA Letter (stating you are 100% owner, have been in business for 2 years and taxes have been done for two years | Also list a current expense ratio and the CPA License Number)
  4. Purchase Contract (for purchase)
  5. Current Mortgage Statement (for refinance)
  6. Hazard Insurance Dec Page or New Quote for purchase
  7. Driver License (front and back)